Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who is Garrosh?

You first meet Garrosh Hellscream crying his eyes out by a bonfire in Nagrand. I spent hours killing hundreds of ogres, demons, and more ogres liberating the Maghar because Garrosh was too much of a pussy to do anything himself. Next we see Garrosh in Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra. Not only does the SOB not remember all the shit I did for him in Nagrand... he treats me like dirt and once again I have to save his brown ass from all the scourge in the area!

Maybe I'm missing something in between there but it seems like Garrosh stepped through the Dark Portal and completely lost his mind. He went from a sad pathetic orc to flat out attacking the king of Stormwind in the middle of Dalaran. The word is that in Cataclysm he is going to become Warchief of the horde taking over for Thrall.

Thrall: Do you wanna lead this horde?

Garrosh: Yes!

Thrall: Well... You can't... (shifty eyes)

Garrosh: Sure as hell do a better job then you.

(yes I shamelessly pulled that from a movie)

All of this makes me wonder though... from a lore standpoint what if Garrosh isn't really Garrosh? His father Grom was very easily manipulated by Mannaroth into drinking the pitlords blood. What if his son is just as susceptible to evil forces?

He was all fine in Nagrand and then BAM as soon as he goes through the Dark Portal gets mind controlled by an Old God. The Old God uses Garrosh to rekindle the conflict between the horde and alliance weakening them further so there is less of a challenge to Deathwing.


Lerali said...

holy crap... I totally hadn't thought of that... I was too busy hating him...

WTF said...



Sidhe said...

You missed the Nagrand epic quest-chain in which Thrall visits Garadar, meets his grandmomma and Garrosh.

When he finds Garrosh so sad and confused about his father (he thought Grom Hellscream doomed the Horde and he was destined to make the same mistakes) then Thrall tells him: "didn't you know, lad? Your papa died a Hero of the Horde!! He freed us from the blood curse!!"

And then Thrall shows Garrosh the death of hellscream (using his shamanistic-hologram nonesense)and he goes all LOKTHAR OGAR!!!!!

If you completed this quest, Garrosh will treat you different in Northrend. Thanking you for revealing him his proud heritage and destiny etc etc..

Links: (first quest in the hero of the maghar chain, you must complete a lot of quests to unlock it)

What's my main Again? said...

Ah ok. That makes a bit more sense. See I couldn't finish that questline because it involves going into Auchanei Crypts.... do you know how hard that is these days? I thought about paying for someone to run me through because I really really wanted to see the end of that questline.

It is interesting because Grom nearly damned the horde but got some sense talked into him by thrall and together they killed Mannaroth. Does Garrosh feel he has to screw the horde over in order to save it like his father? Why the hell won't he listen to Thrall?

Zan said...

I believe Garrosh and Varian are both Blizzard's canon stus, Wolverines, those ultra tough ultra-cool badasses that all the girls want to do (not really) and all the boys want to be. (In actuality, they make me want to punch Blizzard's writers.)

He'll still always be a crybaby to me. I'm hoping High Overlord Saurfang roundhouse kicks him out of the position of Warchief.