Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On the Verge post

Its been... awhile. I find myself posting today primarily because I was fiddling around on my old computer (the computer I blogged on) because my new computer flatlined last week due to the power supply kicking the bucket. So here I am waiting for the new supply to come in which should be today (in fact the UPS truck just pulled up), and I figured I'd throw down a blog post for old times sake. A lot has happened since my last post from clearing ICC on 25 and working on heroics, to switching my main raiding toon to my hunter. Getting the server first kill of Halion the day after the patch (since our realm was down) and lots of guild drama ebbing and flowing.

I lost my job in July and am planning on moving out to California at the end of this month where the job market in my field is much more friendly. (if anyone needs an Electronic Engineer tech, or RF Tech in the northern LA region let me know!)

Its been almost a week since I played wow due to my computer dying and this one just being painful to play on after you get used to a 24 inch monitor at full resolution and graphics. But now I'm on the verge of getting my computer back, while on the verge of the new patch, while on the verge of moving, and the verge of getting ready for a new expansion! I'm a vergin... er wait that doesn't sound right.

One of the things I've discovered with wrath raiding is that I never really enjoyed doing 25 man's. My current guild is a 25 man raiding guild and I raid because currently that is what is challenging and the most rewarding. In cataclysm 25's won't feel necessary... and neither will putting up with the drama of being an officer and raid leader in a 25 man guild.

So a few months ago I told my Guild Leader and long time friend that I'll be leaving Serendipity come Cataclysm... or a least SD won't be my main focus when it comes to raiding. Instead I'll be joining a small 10 man focused guild consisting of RL friends and people who I have played wow with since BC. I'm tired of dealing with loot drama, explaining every fight, dealing with poor performance and an inflexible raid schedule. This is my chance to play with friends and do the challenging content, so I'm getting my cake and eating it too.

To me Serendipity gave up too much of what it was in order to do 25 man raiding in a still casual setting. You end up with your ranks over flowing with people you don't know and can't depend on while ultimately some of the better players leave for top tier guilds. Don't get me wrong, we are 9th or 10th on the server which is impressive for the kind of guild Serendipity is... but it was mostly on the backs of the officers and raid core. We'll talk in officer chat about how many people we are carrying this week... and its mostly in jest... but there is a lot of truth behind it. What could we do if everyone actually pulled their own weight?

Anyway B2 is primarily the person putting together the new guild. Kobeck, Blanda, and a few others I may have mentioned on this blog will be there and I'm really excited to see what happens in a guild where everyone is equally talented and motivated.

The new patch today brings with it all the talent changes for cataclysm... and so with it I have to relearn all 10 of my 80's which is actually really exciting to me. Of course... I still have no idea what I'm going to level. With so many choices and now so many changes its hard to narrow it down to what I will enjoy most in Cata. PvD once asked me which toon I would level again in cata... and the truth is with all of the changes... I would want to level them all again. I've thought/am thinking about transferring an 80 to another server with a bunch of heirlooms and gold so that I can level some horde toons with support. Who knows... by the time the next expansion roles around I may be sitting on 20 85's one of each class on each faction.

As it stands now... I'm between my Hunter, Druid, DK, Warrior, or Paladin... on who to level first. I've got some time to figure it out but for now I'm going to go install my new power supply and get working on dl the new patch.

Maybe I'll talk to you all again... maybe not. I never really intended to quit blogging in the first place it just sort of happened. I'm also not about to proclaim that this is a me coming back to blogging... but you never know.

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