Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Big update and Halls of SUCKSTOBEAWARRIOR

First I want to apologize for my lack of posts lately. See I love blogging… but I love WoW more then blogging. So when I get home and sit at my computer I want to play more then blog. Before 3.3 it wasn’t such a huge deal… but now? I have SOOO much I want to do that finding time to actually blog is a bit hard.

I did have a few posts that I started writing but some events in game made that irrelevant. Like I had a post about how my arena team was at 1700 and we were going to push to 1800 the night before the patch… only one of our teammate had finals so it never happened. In fact in the week since the patch I’ve only done a hand full of bg’s and no arena. Well obviously if I haven’t been doing PvP I’ve been doing PvE.

The new LFG tool may be my most favorite feature added to WoW. Now I’ll admit that the queue time for dps can be a bit of a pain, but it still beats spending 20 mins in lfg channel and having to coordinate getting a group together. I mean heck… you don’t have to ask your guild for help now! For some that may be an issue… but for me it’s a sigh of relief. I don’t feel burdened to help gear everyone else up when I have my own toons to gear up.


As I mentioned in my previous post one of my big goals was gearing up my lock and rogue. Well the process is going fairly well… though not as fast as I would like because everything I need on my lock… drops for my rogue and vice versa. I’m not even kidding either. I think I’ve ran forge of souls probably 17 times now… 6 of those of been on my lock. I’ve seen Seethe the awesome spell power sword drop 10 times out of 11 on my other toons. I’ve seen it once on my lock and some stupid mage rolled need and won even though he had a staff out of ToC 10 that was better.

Forge of souls seems to be the big place that I need to hit for gear. The dagger and sword that drop off the last boss are awesome for my rogue and lock, in addition the kick ass trinket from there would be great for my rogue and hunter. If I could get the damn axe to drop off the first boss for my shaman I would be in great shape… instead my rogue has 3 of them but only one dagger. So maybe I’m limiting myself a bit doing Forge of Souls every day on at least 2 toons… and I still have 3 that haven’t gone through the questline. I’ve seen the battered hilt drop once… and didn’t win the roll.

Halls of Sucks to be a Warrior Tank

Joining the random heroic as a tank is by far the fastest means of getting into a group. In fact if you have a tank friend… get them to go with you! I don’t have the lf many or lf pug achievements on my warrior simply because I’m always bringing at least one or 2 people along with us. For the most part the groups have been pretty solid… though there have been a few exceptions. I’ve managed to pick up quite a few pieces of gear and have been having a blast. Even when I have to tank Halls of SUCKSTOBEAWARRIORTANK.

I mean seriously… talk about an instance designed to be a pita… then multiply it by the fact that you only have 2 aoe threat moves on cd’s. Spamming demoralizing shout doesn’t help much to get threat… Add in some suicidal dps and you are in for a few wipes. I’ve found my best friends for these are rogues and hunters. A misdirect followed by volley or tricks of the trade fan of knives combo gives me a good threat lead and from there I can handle anything. It wouldn’t be so bad if they all spawned in the same place… tanking them in the corner insures they all get into melee range… eventually. I find myself waiting for 2 to get into range and using thunderclap and then praying I can hold off on using shockwave till everything is in range. Sometimes it works… other times the mage and hunter stand there and eat the healer. Mages are less of a problem because I can silence them with heroic throw… but double mage groups can kiss my big blue ass.

Iced Crown Citadel

In Ulduar we would get together at my house and play Ulduar shots... every time someone would ask which teleport to use... or we wiped we would take a shot. In ToC we played Marrus shots in honor of our raid leaders long winded explanations. So with the introduction of the new raid... I declare Iced Crown shots! Crown is my favorite whiskey by far plus it works for the name sake... now I just need to figure out something good to require taking shots.

On the raiding front our 10 man group cleared up to Saurfang and then got taken down by the bosses unique ability to disconnect two of our raid members at the beginning of every fight… We will get him for sure this week.

In 25’s we just managed to get to deathwhisper… and get overrun by adds nonstop. That fight is no joke and with the terrible mix of pugs we had last week… just wasn’t happening. Hopefully things will get better. No lie we had a mage doing 1700 dps that had a ton of pieces from ToC 25 and 10. Who needs torment the weak as a fire mage? Apparantly not this guy, but he was rocking 133% mana regen… We brought in my wife on her warlock after kicking this loser and after tweaking her addons so that she could.. ya know… actually move during the fight… we promptly kicked lord marrogawarawrs ass.

That about sums it up… I need to go home now (blogging at work=/= bad I swear!) and get this up asap.


Zan said...

HoR isn't that bad. We decided to tank it in one of the side rooms behind one of the mini bosses (the let side). This will make everything have to run to you, even ranged, due to line of sight.

Mages do need to be controlled / focus fired. If allowed to run free they'll likely screw up your healer.

Warriors have changed alot since I tanked in classic, I remember when multi-target tanking was something akin to tab-sunder tab-sunder.

You could try heroic throwing one mage then charge (intercept?) - > shield bash the other then hitting an intervene back to a melee.

Set it up to intervene your 'focus' and have your focus be another melee.

I dunno.

What's my main Again? said...

I don't really have an issue picking up all the mobs... what I have an issue with is keeping them all on me. Without getting everything hit with both thunderclap and shockwave dps will start pulling off of me. I'm sure a lot of it is their fault... attacking before I get everything into place.

Nonetheless it is brainless to run on my paladin. I just drop consecration and one by one they run into it... plus avengers shield is on a 30 second cool down instead of a 1 min cd like heroic throw. Holy wrath is just as good if not better then shockwave in that fight and a glyphed hammer of righteousness hits 4 targets. I don't have the spare glyphs on my warrior because I need the 2 min shield wall and last stand in order to survive... where as my pally gets them for free.

I have my intervene set up to a mouse button so I can just click on someone who is being attacked and zoom off to them. The issue though is the charge shield bash and intervene take up 4.5 seconds of gcd... in that time dps can and will pull off of you and die. As it is I'm trying to stay in the middle of the group tab targeting and spamming cleave, thunderclap, and spell reflect.

All this while using an impale/deepwounds build and using a toc 10 1h dps weapon. I do think the issue is the dps that i've run with and not me... but when I lose threat it feels like I'm not doing my job. I've never lost a healer but in those fights losing a dps pretty much means a wipe.

WTF said...

lol...blogging at work is where its at my friend! Its the only way to roll lol.

Great read. I especially like the drinking game part. Crown is also my favorite whiskey, probably my favorite liquor of all when you figure out a game, make sure to post it.

Kobeck said...

Well, it is usually always a joy to raid with Arty and me. Especially after our 4th or 5th wipe we are usually care about wiping anymore. Even if it is because people refuse to pay attention *sigh*.

As for Halls of SUCKSTOBEAWARRIORTANK. Yes. Yes it does. I have healed him through it enough times to know that stupid hunter will always aggro on me. Always.