Monday, December 28, 2009

Oops I did it again

Is it just me or did Freya get kinda hot over the course of the expansion?

When I first fired up WoW I knew exactly what class I wanted to play. I wanted to be a druid. I wanted to be the class in the game that could do everything. Artorin was my main from the moment I started playing right up to the end of Burning Crusade. During this time I came to realize that while druids could indeed do everything... there were some classes that just did it better and that I enjoyed playing more.

The result of course was my druid being on the back burner and only now, more then a year later, he has finally hit level 80. Being able to find groups quickly as a healer is what really drove me to finish off those last few levels. I really enjoy healing and the changes that I originally protested (mainly nourish) I've come to love. Yesterday my druid hit 80 around 5:00 PM. I then spent the next 7 hours going from regular runs to heroic runs. I leveled entirely in my BC epics from tier 4 and 5 content and only at 80 started replacing gear. All I have left to replace is a trinket and my gear will be all 200 up. He has the emblem of triumph idol and enough emblems to pick up the tier 9 shoulders.

I'm kinda sad now though... I like being able to say I have 8 80's! For some reason 9 80's just doesn't have the same ring :(

Now to level my deathtard to 80... I still have a good 7 days left of my holiday it could happen!


Zan said...

I'm only at 6. :p

Dualbox #9 and #10 together!

Mia said...

I only have 3 80's. I have 2 toons that are above level 70, rest are under level 50 but above 22. I want to level all my toons to 80 so especially since my husband has 10 80's. There's just not enough time to do everything I want on my 80's AND level my toons.

Devv said...

What the...?!? When DID Freya get so hot? Seems to me she was a little frugly prior to 3.3. Might have to shoot out to the Basin on my DK and spew a little, "How you doin?"

falloutmommy said...

Totally have not been checking ur blogs... so, while I knew this and said it in person: CONGRATS!!!!