Thursday, January 28, 2010

Big Blag Update

Its been weeks since my last post... and it isn't because I've lost interest in wow... or blogging. I started this blog as a place to write down my thoughts and ideas. To share them with the world (or no one). I think the reason for this was because I didn't have anywhere else to voice my opinions and thoughts. In some part now being in a guild has diminished that need. Being a part of the guild I am means once again having forums to talk to other players in the guild. I can talk about last nights raid or talk about specs and gear.

As a result a lot of my writing time has gone into the guild forums instead of my own outlet. In addition actually having a main character to focus my energies means I'm constantly planning things out. When I get home I want to spend my time doing the things I plan instead of talking about them. So as a result blogging gets put aside. I feel bad because for some strange reason a few people enjoy reading my blog and there has been quite the void in content since joining serendipity.

Anyway I have some time now with no distractions so here we go with what I've been up to.


Well this one should be obvious. With new content, I'm kept quite busy raiding both 10 and 25 man's on my warrior. The last few weeks we have had enough people to run 3 10 man's. Two of the 10 man groups have been doing very well. Group 1 and group 2 (the group I'm in) have cleared up to putricide and have pushed him into phase 3 a few times. Group 3 hasn't has quite as much luck and generally doesn't make it past saurfang. You can tell there is an overflow where the majority of raiders are in group 1 and 2 and the less dedicated (and a few raiders here and there) form group 3.

Well this week they decided to mix up the groups a bit. We have a had some new recruits and a lot of signups for the 10 man and so instead of 2 strong groups and 1 meh group... we ended up with 3... meh groups. I was in group 3 but only by name because the core raiders had been scattered quite a bit but the result wasn't that everyone did great! Instead all the groups managed to do was clear the first wing. I think one of the groups MIGHT have gotten fester down... our group wiped at 1% after 5 attempts.

What really bothered me is that the week before we one shotted everything right up to putricide. We were excited because group 2 was doing awesome and really had a good flow going. In fact we were working on an actual name to call ourselves instead of just group 2.

Serendipity's 25 man progression is doing ok. We finally downed rotface on 25 man after 25 wipes spread over 4 nights (different weeks). My warrior has picked up quite a few upgrades but still no freaking shield! I'm sitting at 42.4k unbuffed and 27k armor. I've lost quite a bit of expertise and gained a crap ton of hit rating (at 10% as a draenei)


I've only mildly been working on the rest of my 80's. I run the daily heroic on the classes I feel like playing which generally includes my prot pally because getting groups is easy... and my mage because I went back to fire to screw around in heroics and OMG is it fun. Living bomb 2 or 3 things run in and dragon's breath, flamestrike, blast wave (glyphed so no knockback), flamestrike and usually they are dead by then. If not I blizzard and spam pyro on the poor left over mobs.

I still haven't run a single heroic or raid on my priest at all since ICC came out... since my druid hit 80 I haven't had the burning desire to play her and I feel kind of bad. The rest of my dps I kinda have to be in the mood to play.

The biggest reason I have been running the daily heroic though is because of the primordial saronite. I've sold a bunch of these so far which have funded my druids epic flying and lead me to my new special project... which is...


The one class I do not have a level 80 of is a death knight. But I've come close. In fact my horde DK Guine is lvl 77... but as I was approaching lvl 80 I realized how hard it was going to be to gear up a tank without support. I hadn't bothered to level any professions and the thought of grinding reps and dailies.... I just didn't want to do it.

I still want a lvl 80 DK though... so my baby lvl 26 priest Skylu was murdered... and arose a DK taking up my 10th character slot on durotan. I kept the appearance and race the same, a female Night Elf, and even named her skylu (which btw means if any of your friends had that toon when you deleted the old one... the new character will show up on the friends list).

This isn't my first attempt to level a DK on durotan and my last attempt capped out at 74. This time though... I'm giving myself incentive. I already had every BoA item from leveling my warrior so bam! Shoulder, Chest, 2h axe, 2 1h swords, and the haste trinket instantly arrive in my Dk's mailbox along with 4k gold and 20 frostweave bags. This toon is living the high life. I went ahead and picked up dual specs at 58 so that I can tank and dps while leveling. She had a stack full of glyphs and gear before leaving the starting zone. I picked up the skeletal gryphon on my way to honor hold and immediately learned flying and the gryphon at 60.

As soon as she hits 70 she will have epic flying and the tome of coldweather flying so that I can zoom around northrend questing. As it stands right now she is lvl 66 and has tanked everything up to her lvl as far as outland instances go. I skipped over questing in zangar entirely because I hate that zone and will hit 68 shortly while questing in Nagrand.

When I'm not tweaking my warrior (btw I picked up power aura's and I love it), or running heroics on my 80's... I'm leveling skylu to 80.

(oh also my shaman got the Challenger title from last season's arena!)

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