Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good news everyone!

Killed Putricide on 10 man last thursday and killed blood princes last night. The MT pally that I usually OT for had a computer meltdown which left me main tanking everything while a ret pally tanked in his second spec. Despite the fact that the MT on putricide should be the better geared... I opted for letting the pally tank putricide since I had a lot of experience on driving the abomination. Took us 6 or 7 attempts but we got it.

As I mentioned before I run in group 2... but contrary to the name since I joined that team we have had guild firsts on rotface, putricide, and blood princes. The way things are looking this theme may continue so go us!

Keeping this short because I need to run a heroic on my shaman to get the last primordial saronite I need to make the 264 tanking boots. I feel bad about the lack of posts lately but I'll try to do something about that. Its a weird transition worrying about the progression of one toon instead of all of them. You would think it would be easier but for me it isn't.

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