Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Well then... on with the show

After posting my last entry I attempted to log into wow... only to find that the servers still aren't up from maintenance. So... guess I have time to blog then don't I?

During BC I really only had one main character that I played. Artorin was my first toon and I loved everything about playing a druid. I explored every facet from tanking to healing, from pvp to raiding. I never had more then 9 bag slots at any given time with the many different gear sets taking up the rest of my bag slots. Sure I could of put them in my bag... but seeing the gear kept me inspired to constantly explore the different aspects of playing my druid.

Of course all of that gear was then the very reason that I felt uninspired to level my druid when wotlk was about to be released. I had reached what I felt was the pinnacle of perfection in every role that I played and so replacing gear and relearning the class all over sent me looking for an alternative. Between that time and when I joined Serendipity again, I've explored all the different classes and played nearly every spec of every class in endgame content. I went through pvp and pve on all of them... some more successfully then others.

The thing is though... I haven't striven for perfection on any of them. Sure I play to win, to be better then average. But not once have I tried to reach the pinnacle of what a certain class or spec could do. Gear was always the issue holding me back. I love getting new gear don't get me wrong... but once I reach a certain point... I find getting more isn't going to help me succeed or fail. At that point I was relying on the rest of the group to keep up. Thus when raiding I never strove to get the "BIS" gear. If it came my way I took it... but I never stressed about it... or went out of my way to get the gear.

When I joined Serendipity... that mentality went out the window. Once more I feel the need to reach the pinnacle of perfection in every aspect of my character.

Maybe it is the fact that my warrior's name Skyru is my original gaming name...

Maybe it is the fact that as a tank, I fell the survival of the group rests on my giant plate shoulders.

Maybe it is because I've just about run out of alts so focusing on a single toon is the only solution.

Regardless of the reason the end result is the same.

I am a warrior. I am Vigilant. I am Chaos.

Whether facing the strongest beings in Azeroth exchanging blow for blow, or a dealer of thunder and death to all the Horde in my path... My name is Skyru, and I will be perfect.

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Kobeck said...

I am death knight, I halp your threat. I die from taking aggro.