Thursday, September 3, 2009

Death of A Nub

Tuesday night saw Durotan on extended maintenance. By the time the realm did come up, it was 15 minutes before our scheduled raid time. There wasn't enough people on to raid so instead we hit up the heroic daily. The daily was Drak Tharon. We had Marrus tanking, Cassiana and Dahunterss for ranged dps, I brought Skyru my warrior for Arms dps and Selgar came as a Ret Paladin.

One tank and four dps... Well Selgar would through some flash of lights around and an occasional holy light and we still breezed through the heroic without a single death. Was a lot of fun using bandages, gift of the Narru and Enraged Regen to stay alive.

Anyway we finished the run and there wasn't quite enough for ToC but we figured we could kill off the new boss in VoA. We had control but the battle was in 20 minutes... which we of course lost. So that pretty much ended our shot at raiding for the night and we branched off to do other stuff.

Last night though we pulled together a 10 man by pulling in a few extra's from our normal 25 man runs. We were short a healer so I got drafted on Lanora. The last few times I ran ToC it was with Plus also healing and I struggled at times with Mana. Since then though I picked up the trinket from reg 5 ToC which virtually solved my mana problems on its own. Disc priests thrive on Int so having another 80 int and a chance to restore mana is awesome.

The first 4 bosses were 1 shots though Northrend beasts got a little sloppy when half our dps and both other healers died to one of the worms when it wasn't turned away. This left me to heal through Icehowl which was the most fun I had all night! We lost a few people during the Champions as well... I spent almost half the fight silenced and locked out of my spells thanks to the enemy Felhunter and Mage.

Twin Valk's went off without a hitch and we picked up the Salt and Pepper achievement.

They dropped Enlightenment which I won on my priest! So nice to have a staff again! If you haven't done ToC and don't happen to know what happens after you start the event after Twin Valks... well too bad I'm going to ruin it for you!

We got buffed up and Marrus started explaining what he knew about the fight.... all I heard was blah blah blah permafrost blah blah blah spikes blah blah blah 30% blah blah blah don't heal too much. What can I say? I had more important things to think about I just got an epic staff!

Well we killed a bunch of bugs and then some bigger bugs and the boss did stuff and we stood on ice patches... and the boss went to hide underground and these big spike thingies came up and a few people died. Some soulstones and battle rezes were used and things were going ok till Marrus decided to chase a bug over the spikes.... and he dieded.

Offtank picked up a nubby and we brought him down to 30% where everyone got all glowy and started dying. I got yelled at to heal but not to heal but heal more but not too much! Well people died and we wiped. What we learned was standing on the icy thingies is good because when a nubby goes underground he shoots spikes up that will kill you but if you stand on ice it just goes SHLBOOOM and looks really cool but doesn't kill you. He also puts a hunters mark on someone and chases them and its that persons job to lead him to the next ice patch.

Well the next fight ended with the picture at the top of the post. I spent most of the last 30% of a nubs health shielding people and trying very hard not to heal too much. It was a fun fight but not as hard as I was hoping for a last boss. He dropped the very awesome looking blades for fordragonerdude or something like that, which Cassiana picked up... I swear every boss dropped hunter loot last night.

We were gonna start the heroic version right after... but I was like HOLD UP I GOTS TO HOOK UP MAH STAFF!!!

So the raid leader called for a 5 min break... which turned into a 20 minute break and I switched to my mage to check the mats, then to my pally to transmute an epic gem to send to my shaman, who I switched to in order to cut 2 Runed Cardinal rubies to send to my priest. Then switched to my sugar daddy warrior to buy the abyss cystals I needed to send to my mage to enchant a weapon vellum and send it to my priest!

I got back on Lanora gemmed and enchanted my staff and then got the summon... and then one of the mages had to go run something with his guild or some crap. BOOOOO!!!!

We had Wintergrasp though at that point so instead killed the big fire guy and his gay roommates. I'm not sure what that fight was all about he did a lot of yelling and throwing fire and this sexy spin thing where he vomited fire on us... and then fell over dead. Of course he dropped more hunter loot the tier 9 helm and some warrior crap of which no one could use. I think we were supposed to use 2 tanks for that fight? But instead we just used one... and then he single tanked Emalon and Arch.

We ended the night running Old Kingdoms heroic for the daily and I snapped one last picture of mine and Cassi' new weapons!

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