Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quick tip for Snobolds

So those of you who have done Trial of the Crusader know of the royal PITA that the Snobolds on Gormok are. For hunters and melee dps they aren't much of a bother... but for casters and especially healers they can be a disaster.

Snobolds will stun and kick the target it is on. The kick leaves a 6 second lock out on that school of spells which can leave a healer unable to heal or a spell caster unable to do damage. But here is a tip. Snobolds are fairly stupid and will interrupt whatever spell is being cast when its kick CD is up. This means that you can get them to lock out a school you don't need.

For instance, a fire mage can switch to frost bolt when it gets a snobold on him and then use fireball after the frost bolt is interrupted. On my priest I use shadow spells for the kick so that I can continue to heal with a snobold on me. There is still a good chance of getting interrupted if you don't pay attention to the kick CD but using the lock out of your other spells is a good indication of when you need to fake them out.

Also you can attack the snobold that is on you with spells such as shadow word pain or living bomb or any other spell that doesn't have to be casted on a target in front of you.

Anyway that's all for now! Hope you had a good weekend.

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