Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Loot Drama brought to you by Paint

First I have to say I apologize for not posting lately. I was sick all last week and my brain had been turned into goo. I had zero inspiration to write about anything at all. That means today's post has a little bit more work into it. Last week my friend Blanda told me she found blog and that she was offended that she wasn't mentioned in it. Well I told her I was sick and didn't feel like writing anything but when I did she would be mentioned.

I'm not entirely sure that this is exactly how she wanted to be mentioned... but that's how the world is. Anyway Friday night I mustered enough strength to get online and raid. We killed the first 3 bosses in ToC 25 and had a few attempts on twin Valk's.

I was pretty darn sick and other then some screen shots of the damage meter (of which I kicked ass) I failed to capture any of the events. So I'm recreating the events as I saw them. Just to warn you... I have zero artistic ability. Say hello to twin Valk's.
I say attempts because... well we died and they lived. So we headed to VoA to ROFLSTOMP those guys and then called it a night. Saturday night we headed in for our regularly scheduled program... er I mean raid.
Twin Valk's is one of my favorite fights because I can abuse the mechanics of the fight to get obscenely high on the damage meters. I broke over 10k at one point and averaged out at 8k dps for the fight. This was done on my mage speced arcane with Incanter's Absorption talented.

Anyway we ultimately killed the twins after 4 or attempts or so.
It was a good feeling to have down the boss and some mage dps chest thingy dropped. I won the roll with a 100. It is an upgrade... but it has a ton of hit rating on it. I'm already at 17.2% hit rating... which considering I'm alliance and usually have a pocket shadow priest means I'm 4% over the hit cap. Even more so if you consider the hit talents in arcane (of which I speced out of before raid)

I don't try to stack hit rating... just every upgrade that I get seems to have it which leaves me way over the cap with the new chest. But this isn't about the chest... its about this.
Yep the epic dagger of awesomeness dropped. Perfect for a mutilate combat rogue! Hey look at that we have a Mut speced rogue who always raids with us and would love to have it! Oh... but there is that other rogue... who is sword spec combat but sure would love to get his hands on it too. This little rogue is also speced into throwing specialization which almost single handedly is the reason we were able to do champions.

But the little rogue has only been with us for two weeks. Well the rolls come out and our mutilate rogue rolls an 18. The combat rogue rolls a 38 and looks like he is going to take it. The paladin master looter (always in his bubble) is counting down when out of no where Cassiana one of our hunters rolls a 98!
Now Cassiana didn't really want the weapon... she was trying to make a point... I think. She rolled on it because a DK rolled on an agility ring the week before. A week later that same DK was not even wearing the ring he won over the hunters and rogues. She made an offhanded comment about oh well I can use it eventually or something.

Ok I'll admit I was sick I wasn't fully paying attention and I didn't think it would be a big deal. I didn't honestly expect Cassi to keep the dagger and she didn't. She gave it to the next highest rogue which was the gnome rogue. We made 2 attempts on anub when our mut rogue Behindya dropped out of raid without saying a word. I knew he was upset because in his mind it should have been an offspec roll for the combat rogue who was currently using two swords. Maybe he was right I don't know.

I do know that the end result over all of this was a lot of drama. Blanda and behindya are in a relationship and him quitting put her in an uncomfortable situation of still being in raid. Blanda, behindya, cassiana the raid leaders and I are all friends in the game... but this whole thing just blew up in our faces.

Blanda didn't know what to do... should she quit too? Should Behindya (ok I'm calling him b2 its easier and what I'm used to calling him). Should B2 have quit? No I don't think so but he generally has a short fuse and has been frustrated in raid lately. The dagger incident just set him off I think.

Through the backlash of all this the other rogue who got the dagger also quit. Well he took his name off the invite list which with our group is pretty much the same thing.

The sad thing is that I don't see how this could be avoided. I mean Cassi could have given the dagger secretly to b2 but that wouldn't have been right or fair. She could have kept it herself (which blanda and b2 said they would have preferred to the other rogue). Would things have transpired the same way had she not have rolled? I'm not sure but I know she blames herself for the drama surrounding the issue.

Since we aren't a guild run we can't set in dkp or anything of the sort... fair looting is one of the reasons we do as well as we do. But was this looting fair? We have had issues before like a resto druid winning a one handed melee dps mace over a DK on an offspec roll. Or a druid winning a cloth chest over the other cloth wearers.

Oh well that is all for now... I'm sorry if this wasn't what you were looking for Blanda but I love you anyway!


Fall Out Mommy said...

I think you hit the nail on the head, honey. I am not sure why all the upset because Cassi rolled. If she hadn't the dagger would have gone to the gnome anyways. I also know that Cassi is still upset by the whole ring thing...but she didn't quit raiding over it...and she probably only rolled to make the point that was made, but instead of keeping it for herself and saying she MIGHT use it, she gave it to the next highest roll, which is what the Master Looter would have done, despite it possibly being offspec for the gnome. If it had been the DK that got the ring over Cassi, and she rolled on a dagger over the DK to get revenge..then yes, they would both be childish... but that isn't what happened.

None of us are children, and it makes me sad to think that friendships and group dynamics got all screwed up because of one or two pieces of loot. In a few months when Cataclysm comes out this will be entirely irrelevant and will probably be much more epicness in the loot.

Anonymous said...

the drama.... the drama