Monday, July 20, 2009

A good week

It has been a week since I last wrote anything which I kind of feel bad about... but I've been busy in WoW. As you can see from the left I pushed hard this past week and got my warrior to 80... and if you look closely in the backround you can see my wife on her warlock hitting 80! Big grats to her on her first level 80! And grats to me on my 6th... and apparently having no life...

But I digress. We both hit 80 on Friday turning in argent tournament dailies (ok it was planned a bit) but before I could do so much as put a talent point in I had to switch over to Saravid for Ulduar 25.

Our Rogue Behindya (nicknamed B2) had already run VoA in order to get enough conquest badges to pick up his helm and complete the 4piece bonus. So we were one dps short for VoA but had everyone we needed for Ulduar.... so I suggested to bring my wife in!

That's why I love this group. As serious as we are when it comes to raiding, they can be laid back enough to literally take a warlock who just hit 80 not 10 minutes prior into VoA. She did manage to dps above the tank and also did really good at switching targets during Emalon. We had a good time and she thanked everyone and left the group.

We then killed everything in Uld 25 up to the watchers including a first kill of Iron Council. That fight lasted 13 minutes! The most exciting thing for me... is that I had enough conquest badges to pick up the tier 8.5 chest! Which means NO MORE FUGLY PANTS. Ok well they are still fugly... but I can't see them under the 8.5 robe!

Saturday I took my warrior, along with my wife and some other friends and we headed into Naxx 10. I was up late after raid Friday night gemming and enchanting my crafted gear in order to hit the defense cap and have a respectable amount of HP's for Naxx. I weighed in at just under 25k HPs. We cleared spider wing with a little difficulty starting out. We wiped a few times on Anub'rekan but one shotted the next 2 bosses. We headed to Military next and had a little trouble on Instructor. We were a little low on heals and dps but managed by switching some people around. Gothik was a one shot but by the time we got to 4H a few people had to go and we called it there.

Was really different tanking on my Warrior then tanking on my Paladin. I have to say I felt like I had to work much harder to keep threat especially in trash pulls. I'm using a 15/3/53 build but am glyphed for cd's with blocking/sheildwall/last stand. Perhaps its mainly a gear issue at this point and things will get easier... I certainly liked having all of the cd's though and they saved me a few times on trash (I was solo tanking the trash).

After Naxx, the family went out to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It was a pretty good movie but I have to say I don't like where they deviated from the book at some points.... I don't want to talk about it too much because I'm sure many people haven't seen it yet. After the movie we grabbed some grub and got home with enough time for me to log on and head back into Uld25.

With just the watchers left we headed for Hodir. There are so many more NPC's on 25 man then 10! Ok I guess its just double the amount... but still. I think it took us 3 or 4 attempts including one that went right up to the enrage. I'm glad I can say that when I died... it was because the Hodir smacked me in the face because either the MT would die... or bubble out of an flash freeze and I happened to be next on threat. Damn you pure dps and your threat dumps!

Anyway he died and I'm both sad and glad that I purchased the chest the day before. I was sad because the Tier Token for Shamans dropped... but was glad because half the raid needed the token. We had 6 shamans, 3 hunters, and 2 warriors... I'm going to hold out on Thorim on 10 man giving me my shoulder piece to complete my 4 piece bonus. The stats don't really make a huge difference but OMG that 4 piece bonus is awesome. Awesomeness covered in awesome. Maybe then I can beat B2 in dps!

Nerf Rogues.

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