Thursday, July 9, 2009

Character Updates!

Well enough time has passed that my old list of my characters needs a bit of updating. So lets see whats changed in that time shall we?

Durotan Server US

Ardarin - 68 Human Death Knight. Currently Blood DPS Currently level 70 and Blood Tank spec. Mostly to prove that you don't need to be "Frost Spec" to tank.

Artorin - 70 Night Elf Druid. Spec undecided Is now level 73 and running around as Feral. I got the drive to level my old main and have been having good fun being totally and completely overpowered.

Arravis - 80 Night Elf Hunter. Survival Spec Survival never really suited my playstyle well... so I switched to Marksman and have been having a blast with it. Leveling one of the red demonic wolf things from Zuldrak to replace my boring gray wolf.

Gandreolf - 78 Human Mage. Arcane Spec Well I've posted on him before and he is now level 80 woot! He is still Arcane spec and finally got his enchanting up to 450!

Jadedfury - 71 Human Rogue. Subtelty Spec I switched to Mutilate again... but I just hate that I have 0 aoe in groups where every other DPS can... so I am back to Combat again. Combat Daggers/fists to be precise.

Lanora - 80 Draenei Priest. Discipline Spec I love discipline... I really do but I switched to holy to heal a Naxx 10 group hoping that would get me back into my priest.... well it just made me realize how much more I like Discipline. I'm still holy but before I do anything else she will be back to discipline.

Llina - 80 Human Paladin. Protection Spec Yep... still Protection... not much has changed except for some Naxx 10 raiding here and there... I swear that place will never drop tier gear any of my characters need...

Saravid - 80 Draenei Shaman. Elemental Main / Restoration Secondary Well obviously the toon I've been raiding Ulduar with... but aside from that I switched my second spec to Enhancement to mess around with. I have quite a bit of gear that gets passed on to me so I decided why not? Enhancement is a lot of fun but I don't see it becoming my main spec anytime soon.

Skillet - 14 Gnome Warlock. Affliction Spec Well leveling with my wife and RAF my lock is up to 34 (I think) still affliction spec, though I'm considering picking a different one when they start getting new toys.

Skyru - 69 Draenei Warrior. Protection Main / Arms Secondary Currently level 75... but will soon be 80. Most certainly will be my next character to 80 and am considering making him my raiding main. The group that I run with has a ret pally, rogue, and 2 hunters... thats a ton of physical dps and we don't have a single warrior for Sunder Armor. I have consider the pros and cons... losing 280 spell power and 5% haste along with heroism may not be worth the boost to our physical damage group.

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