Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Who I am and What I play

This is going to be a short and quick post of who I am playing and what class and spec they are. I will go into more detail about why I chose what specs for each and go into more detail of the history of each but to save this from being a 20 page post this will do for now. For the most part I stick to Durotan US realm though have some projects on other servers.

Ardarin - 68 Human Death Knight. Currently Blood DPS

Artorin - 70 Night Elf Druid. Spec undecided

Arravis - 80 Night Elf Hunter. Survival Spec

Gandreolf - 78 Human Mage. Arcane Spec

Jadedfury - 71 Human Rogue. Subtelty Spec

Lanora - 80 Draenei Priest. Discipline Spec

Llina - 80 Human Paladin. Protection Spec

Saravid - 80 Draenei Shaman. Elemental Main / Restoration Secondary

Skillet - 14 Gnome Warlock. Affliction Spec

Skyru - 69 Draenei Warrior. Protection Main / Arms Secondary

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Fish said...

Draenei self heal + herb self heal on warriors FTW!