Friday, June 5, 2009

Quick Update

So... I'm working on a guide to help new players who just hit 80 find their way into pulling their weight in groups. Since its my first guide though I want to take my time on making sure it is presentable and easy to read. I have ideas for other guides including using my 78 mage turning 80 as an example about how to hit 80 and be able to put out enough dps to go right into Naxx.

So my blog may be a little quiet while I work on those. Last night my warrior hit lvl 70 and put on the full set of Cobalt Tanking armor which brought me up to the defense cap and gave me a good boost in effective health (armor+hps). The major thing that I realized after was how much I took for granted the hit rating my old armor had... 5% chance to miss sucks. Anyway heading off to work now have a good day everyone.


Fish said...

you know what semi sucks? I'm level 80, still wearing the belt from Kara. I can't get the freaking belt from H UP to drop and nothing up to that is really an upgrade lol

What's My Main Again? said...

Ya I wore the guardian crafted belt on my paladin for a long time. When I hit 80 I ended up getting the ice resistance belt crafted and gemed it up with defense. This gave me a huge stamina boost and the defense I needed to be defense capped. I honestly can't remember where I got the belt that I'm currently using on my paladin was from.