Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Character Spotlight Saravid

Saravid right now I would have to say is as close to a main as I have. Simply because she is who I raid progression content on.
I really don't tend to take a lot of screenshots, though I really want to include more on the blog. Looking through my folder most of the screenshots of my shaman are in raids from behind with the UI up. So I took this one just for the blog :D


Well my shaman was created to play with my best friend who got me into the game in the first place. The objective was for her and I to level together and only together. Which worked out really well up until we hit level 14.... and for the next year she remained at that level.

In October after months of talking about WoW my brother decided he wanted to start playing. So through recruit a friend he began playing and created his first character, a human paladin. With him leveling as protection and me leveling as elemental we soon realized how powerful a combination this was.

We 2 manned a lot of instances on our way to outlands with Refer a Friend giving us a huge boost in leveling speed. Even after the release of WotLK, I played on my shaman whenever opportunity arose. When we finally got to northrend though things began to stall out. My brother was getting bored with questing because of the fact that my shaman was so powerful things would often die before he had a chance to hit them.

So I told him that he should go Retribution and he did. This presented its own problems in that things died so fast it was no longer fun for me either. Also at the same time my Priest had just hit 80 and I really was enjoying playing with her. Stuck between leveling and raiding I told my brother to go ahead and level without me.

Saravid stayed level 73 for about 2 months till I finally got the desire to level with her. Shaking off the rust proved extremely easy and getting Lava Burst at level 75 insured my love for my shaman. I worked on getting my JC up as well and started doing the JC dailies. In fact, I had done so many of them that when the time came to hit 80... I could think of no better place..

That same day my shaman was in heroics pulling 2k dps in H UP. After a few weeks of trying to get into raids as dps with my guild (I had been raiding on my priest as a healer), and them trying to take a hard stance on turning the guild into some sort of hardcore raiding guild, I felt it was time to leave the guild behind.

The fact that a few days before one of my friends got me to join the 25 man group that she had been running with helped in making this decision pretty easily. A few weeks later I formed Shadow of Teldrassil with some close friends and family. The guild isn't raiding quite yet but maybe someday. In the meanwhile I run 25 mans every week on my shaman and bring the elemental pain.

As an aside to this post. Due to the rarity of Shamans, and even more so, elemental shaman blogs I contemplated for a long time creating one just for that. However, I realized that my nature wouldn't allow me to focus on just one character for a very long period of time so a blog of this nature seemed better placed.

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Fish said...

I've currently gotten "the itch" to level my shammy. I'm working mage and druid right now, but I may work the shammy in once they hit outlands. I like ele, but in vanilla I'm going enhancement just to dual wield. Something about an orc with 2 axes just says bad ass!