Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What's with the name?

When I first started playing WoW I rolled a druid named Artorin and leveled him to 70 (I started after BC came out). Artorin leveled as Feral and I started my raiding career as a Bear tank. The guild that I was in had just started raiding in Kara around the time I hit 70 and by the time I was geared up enough to off tank they had downed curator for the first time.

This was around August or September I believe and the guild that I was in was a small guild at the time. So we alternated players letting the lesser geared players clear the first half, while the better geared cleared the second half the next day. This worked well till we had enough players to have 2 10 mans. This of course led directly into trying to get enough members for 25 mans. I was part of our guilds first High King and Gruul guild but within a few weeks after that the Guild Leaders (husband and wife) got frustrated with the slow progress and decided to flat out quit the game.

In the wake of my first guild splitting apart I decided that I would try other things then just tanking. So I tried healing a bit. First as a feral spec with healing gear to eventually going full tree. I then became fascinated with being a balance druid and set off on the painful task of gathering spell damage gear since during this time spell damage and healing were entirely different stats. So for the next few months I switched back and forth between different specs whenever it struck my fancy and really enjoyed the variety that playing a hybrid gave me.

My search for knowledge led me to Blogs such as,, and Resto4life who has since given up blogging.

My main was undoubtledly Artorin during all of BC and it was simple to post on blogs going by my Druid's name. But then WotLK came out. I decided that I didn't want to level my druid first so choosing between my other 70's at the time (priest, paladin, hunter), I went with my hunter to level first to 80. Posting on Big Red Kitty and other sites left me questioning what name should I be using? After all Artorin is a druid and I was mainly playing a hunter at the time... but was the hunter my main?

To complicate things further I leveled my priest up shortly after and almost completely stopped playing my hunter. Then my shaman hit 80.... and then my paladin... each time my interest in the one before faded a little. So who am I? What class do I play? What is my main? All these questions drove me to creating this blog as a sanity check and a single identity. Though I play many classes I play them all as a unit. Not one being greater then the next or having alts for the sole purpose of grinding materials.

With my ADD (attention defecit disorder)being what it is I play the class I find interesting at the time. I LOVE maximizing every toons potential and playing to the best of my abilities. My abilities and love though can't be contained in a single class... so I must play them all.

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