Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Report

Well my wife went to visit her mother this weekend across the country. So where did that leave me on the weekend? Yep you guessed it. Sitting in front of the computer getting my raid on. Friday night consisted mainly of my normal 25 man raiding team heading into Ulduar.

Funny how my last post was about to heal or not to heal... because, this week due to a few of our normal crew heading on vacation, I was stuck switching to my Resto heal and getting into the chain heal groove. We started with VoA quickly downing Emalon and Archavon which netted me tier 8.5 gloves.... the enhancement version... Ah well being the only shaman in the raid was worth something I guess.

From there we headed into Ulduar and downed FL without issue and moved onto XT.... where for the first time in I don't remember when we wiped. A little regrouping and we killed him to move on to Kologarn. Maybe it was the large number of new pugs that we had but things weren't going as smoothly as usual and we wiped on him once before running across his corpse. We doubled back and took out razorscale to end the night... knowing we just didn't have the right group to go forward.

Saturday saw my baby mages first trip into Naxx and not just Naxx but Naxx 25. So how does a brand spanking new level 80 mage with a few epics and a bunch of blues/greens? Well see for yourself.

Yep 3600 dps. (Ok I rounded up...) Patchwerk being the best choice for measuring DPS I chose him. We downed Spider, Plague, and Patch in construct before too many people had to go. I got a pair of boots and some emblems out of the deal so can't complain too much.

Finished out Saturday by heading back into Ulduar on Saravid. We again had some issues finding healers but at least downed Ignis and Auriya again. Really a slow week in Ulduar 25 which is kind of disappointing. I hope this isn't leading into some form of summer slump. We are headed back in to work on some watchers on 10 man tonight so, if nothing else, I have that.

Sunday was a rather interesting day to say the least. Around mid afternoon I got the itch to work on my DK a bit. So I was in lfg when a group advertised that they needed a dps for Naxx 10. I told them I could hop on my mage and did so. I grabbed the invite and headed to Naxx. The group seemed fairly balanced and geared sufficiently yet I got an ominous feeling when I zoned in and got the message that I would be saved to the instance. The leader hadn't mentioned this to me before hand but I figured my mage needed whatever could drop anyway so I stayed.

I wish I hadn't. Zoned in and got a summon to thaddius room. The guy explaining the fight sounded like he was on a voice modulation or something and it was extremely annoying. We started the fight and the first thing I noticed was the guy tanking Feugen standing right next to the stairs just barely in range to avoid the discharge. I yelled for him to move back on vent and he did so. Then the switch came.... or at least it was supposed too...

Our tank swapped over to the other side... but the tank from that side never arrived over at ours. I believe he got disconnected or something to that effect but Feugen quickly turned to begin killing the dps... including me leading quickly to a wipe. Then one by one people started leaving... and the disconnected tank couldn't log back on. Eventually everyone was gone and I gave up. Saved to an instance for absolutely nothing. Wonderful.

Despite the poor events that just occurred I once again was on my DK in lfg when I saw someone looking for an offtank for Naxx 10. Why not? I said and told them I could come on my paladin. Interestingly enough neither groups did a gear check but I was invited anyway. I've maintanked most of Naxx on my paladin but have yet to finish all of Naxx on her.

Anyway I switched over and got invited into the group. Which at the moment only had 5 people. I flew to dragonblight and was alt tabbed while they were getting people. At one point I looked and they had 8 people. Someone said we should just run with 8 for the achievement. I almost jokingly responded with "Ya we could do it! " and proceeded to alt tab again. Well about 30 seconds later I tabbed back in to not only find that everyone was in agreement... but that everyone was already zoned in but me.

I frantically threw my buffs up on myself and while the druid main tank was chain pulling, got the other blessings where they needed to be.

"This can't work... can it?" I was asking myself.

Everyone knew the fights and was geared appropriately... but no one was decked out in all naxx 25 or uld 25 gear could this really work? On top of that we weren't going to use vent because the leader said it was stupid and we didn't need it.

Well going from wiping on one boss on my mage with a full group to running Naxx with 8 people was quite the stretch. We not only cleared... but demolished Military wing. The highest dps topped out at around 3k with everyone else at around 2500 yet we still managed all the fights with little difficulty. We started working on Plague wing after that and even got the Safety Dance achievement on Heigan. Unfortunately the druid main tank had to go at that point. He gave me 2 stoneblood flasks (even though I had a bunch on me and was using them) and complemented me on what a great job I had done.

Well we were gonna get another dps but figured since Loatheb only took one tank anyway we would just continue on. And we did just that. The druid healer that we had switched to feral spec and dpsed that fight with our holy priest solo healing the 7 of us.

Energized then that we looked at what we had left. Construct needed atleast 2 tanks for Patch and Gluth but Spider only really needed a second tank for Anub. Well once again our priest showed his skill in solo healing Anub with the druid switching to bear form to pick up the add.

Due to only one healer we chose for me to kite the boss during the insect swarm, which I hadn't seen done since the first week in Naxx. This added a new and fun element and have to say worked out pretty darn well. Thus the first boss in spider went down and we moved onto the second. Well there was no way one healer could keep up 2 tanks and the raid for Faerlina. So the druid went back to Resto and we decided to just burn the adds and eat the enrage.

I have to say that was one of the most intense fights I have done in a long time. Using an ironsheild pot in the beginning and rotating CD's as much as possible really made for an intense battle. We proved too powerfull and she gave me her sword since no one else could use or wanted it.

We moved on to Maexxena who's enrage was easily managed by the use of CD's and that point we called it a night.

A lot of people are really against pugging because of the example of what happened to Gandreolf. Yet sometimes you find gems like the group I found with Llina.

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