Friday, June 5, 2009

Graduation QQ

My sister had her high school graduation today... big grats to her! Of course that means I had to go... but its friday! I have a group that I raid with friday and saturday nights starting at 9:30 PM. Her graduation started at 7 so I figured I should have enough time to go, watch her do her thing, then get home to get my raid on.

Murphy being the optimist he was... it was pouring rain driving to the fairgrounds. The rain had dissipated by the time we arrived but the fact that it had just down poured there for 30 minutes prior to us getting there meant the grass parking lot I had to park in was almost entirely flooded. So yay for walking to the arena in tons of mud! Anyway sitting on a tiny metal bench with my knees in the person in front of me and the person behind me with their knees in my back... really not comfortable at all. Hour and a half later they finally called her name up she got her fake diploma (they hand out the real ones after), and I excused myself to stretch my legs and get some fresh... humid... air. Half an hour later they do the whole pomp and circumstance thing and they all pile out of the arena.

After hunting down my sister and dragging her over to the family so they could do the whole picture thing and I could go home... we are informed there is a party for the family back at my parents house. So I'm home atm long enough to post this and let my feet dry out before I have to go over there and eat cake. Better be some damn good cake. Oh well hopefully I can do some raiding tomorrow.

P.S. On the way back from my parents we came up to an intersection with a turning lane that we turn left on. We get into the lane and are getting ready to make the turn when a black Trans AM puts its left turn signal on and cuts infront of us. Totally not a big deal right? Well... he then proceeds to turn too much and essentially runs over the median ( we were turning onto a devided 4 lane road). With his wheels split on either side of the median he finally jumps the curb.... into the wrong side of the road.

Now he is driving on the wrong side of the road (thank God it was at 12:30 AM) and almost runs into the curb again when the turning lane he was driving in at the time comes to an end. He avoids hitting it though and proceeds to come to the next division in the median where you would make a left hand turn from if you were actually going the right way... so he makes a U turn.... and is now driving straight at us....

My wife was driving so I told her to pull into the next parking lot which happened to be a bank, before this dumbass could kill us in a head on collision. I turn back and what do I see? The black Trans AM of death turning into the bank... fortunately he turned to the right and went around that way, while we flipped around the opposite direction and went through the drive through to get back to the main road.

.... and the best part? This happened right in front of a Police Station...

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