Tuesday, June 9, 2009

5 Tips for those under 1500 DPS (Spec selection)

  1. Can't hit 1500 DPS as a level 80? Blaming this on the world or everyone else? Here are some friendly tips on how not to fail when it comes to Specing your character from a DPS standpoint.

The pic attached to this (if you can't see it clearly) is of my level 70 druid doing 1489 DPS on a target dummy in Darnassus. The fight was 3 minutes long and completely single target (except for the few seconds where my treants ran off to attack another dummy). If my druid at lvl 70 can do 1500 dps then there is no excuse for any class at 80 to not be able to do that.

  1. The 71 Point Frost Mage

    I used the frost mage as an example only because it is the one I have seen the most. This applies to every class in the game however. You will never ever get the most DPS out of a spec by just dumping 71 points into a single tree.
  2. Look for talents that boost your damage in other trees.

    Whether it is the aforementioned Frost Mage putting in enough points into Arcane to pick up Torment the Weak for an extra 12% damage on their primary nuke. Ret paladins pick up Divine Strength, elemental shamans pick up Thundering Strikes and the list goes on. Especially when it comes to pure dps classes (mage, hunter, warlock, rogue) there are many opportunities to pick up extra damage talents from other trees.
  3. Pick up those +hit talents!

    This applies mostly to spell casters (as some melee classes don't have +hit talents) but you have 17% miss as a caster and picking up talents that increase your hit goes a long way to increasing your dps. Early on it can be a struggle to get hit capped and any where you can pick up these talents will save a lot of headache.

    Obviously if you are stuck with gear with so much hit rating that you are way over the hit cap then you may want to take talents out (or rethink your gear). Chances are though if you have this problem you don't need to read this list anyway...
  4. Pick up raid utility when needed.

    Now what do I mean by raid utility you ask? Well I'm glad you asked! (and even if you didn't I'm going to tell you anyway) Raid utility is any ability or talent that you can take that doesn't just enhance yourself... but also the party or raid. Whether it is Replenishment or + Hit buffs or anything that helps increase the group dps or survivability.

    Now the when needed part really depends on if you are in a guild or not and how easily these buffs can be picked up. If you are in a guild you may be asked to spec a certain way to provide the buff for the group especially when it comes to replenishment. Some classes pick this up simply by picking up all of the damage buffs such as shadow priests and Ret paladins. Bottom line if you are in a guild and they ask you to pick it up then do so. If you aren't in a guild then pick it up if it is convenient but don't go out of your way if it means a large drop in your dps.
  5. Don't pick PvP talents over Damage talents

    Sure you may kill things fine in a pvp fight but this here is PvE! You won't be getting attacked or at least you shouldn't be getting attacked... ever! Your job is simply to do as much damage as humanly possible in as little time as possible for as long as possible. Picking up a talent that reduces the duration of stuns on you... isn't going to accomplish this. So as a general rule don't pick up anything that improves your survivability unless you have every single dps talent already picked up and can't do anything else with it.

    Your survivability in a PvE environment depends on how fast you can kill the boss and that is it.

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