Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend of Raids

This weekend I did an unusual amount of raiding for myself. Friday was pretty normal with going in to Ulduar 25 man with my regular group. The group I raid with isn't a guild run... or a guild alliance... its just a group of skilled players that raids together on a weekly basis... I have no clue what you would call that. But I digress.

Friday saw our normal clearing of the first few bosses in ulduar FL, Razor, XT, and Kolo. We also usually start with VoA if we have WG and so Emalon also went down. Was about a 2.5 hr raid in total I would say by the time we got everyone together.

This gave us Saturday to work on Auriaya. If you are familiar with Ulduar at all you will know why they say this fight is all about the pull but in case you don't here is why...

That is our DK tank dying in .42 seconds on the pull. In the end we switched to our MT paladin pulling while popping Divine Protection (bubblewall) while our ret pally hit Divine Sacrifice with Divine Shield for a 80% damage reduction. Even with all of that I would start out the figh spamming lesser healing wave on the tanks till the damage stabilized and I could go back to DPS.

We finished the fight by going to Ignis and smacking him down. We had killed him before, a few weeks back, but for some reason he has been giving us a lot of problems. Ok ok... I know the reason... we have a tank who is TERRIBLE at any fight that requires more then one brain cell. Basically he would lose adds to healer threat and not taunt for just long enough to lose 3-4 healers which would end the attempt.

We solved this by having our ret pally switch to protection and having 3 add tanks. Really sucks having to compensate so much for one persons short falls. Especially when that one person wins every. single. freaking. tank gear that drops and still sucks.

So here is the picture of the boss going down.

Because I took the screen shot so quick Recount hadn't refreshed here are the meters for the fight.

I included the healing meter too because I got stuck in the pot a lot and was spamming heals on myself (as anyone who heals should do). Usually I come out ahead of the other shaman in dps but I did over 100k healing during the fight which was time I wasn't dpsing.

Overall it is a fun fight though the flame jets can be very very annoying for casters.

As if that wasn't enough for one night... my friend whispered me and asked if I wanted to run Naxx 25 on my hunter with them. I said sure and switched over to my hunter and headed to Naxx. No sooner had I got there she informed me they already filled the slot even though they told her they would invite me.


Well I was itching to raid more anyway so I dropped myself in LFG for Naxx 10. Figured I could run for a bit and if my friend needed me and the group I was in wasn't going anywhere I could switch. After about 10 minutes I got a whisper and invite for a fresh Naxx 10 group.

Well cool I joined up got on vent and waited a bit for them to find the last healer. The leader of the group mentioned they could find a tank and he could switch to his priest. That's when I offered to switch to my paladin and tank. After all it is easy to find a dps. Well we found a dps before a healer so I switched to my paladin and he hopped on his priest.

We then proceeded to raid for the next 6 hours. We cleared construct first, then military, then plague. At that point I was exhausted and logged for the morning. Had some new people and some weak dps but in all it still went pretty smooth. I'm used to pugs having that slow pace especially when people come and go.

Gluth, 4H were both pretty interesting. We lost our main kiter after the first decimate. I ran to the back and began kiting and thanks to a hunter dropping frost trap was able to effectively do so till the next decimate. At that point I took over on gluth and he went to the back to pick up the adds. This proved enough to bring the big doggie down.

On 4H we lost our offtank healer to a meteor just as Baron went down. The offtank lived long enough for my healer to get there and take over while I went to the back. Only thing was that because the switch had happened not long before that my healer didn't let his stacks drop off and ended up dying when he got to 6. Thane died shortly thereafter and we headed to the back where the last healer was.

At this point I did what I could for healing spamming flash of light till my mana went dry popping divine plea and a mana pot. Just before the last horseman died the priest kicked the bucket leaving me, the other tank, and 2 dps alive. Was sloppy but worked. Guess thats why I love playing hybrids. Often times you can use all of your abilities to pull off a win where you should have wiped. Have any experiences like this?

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