Friday, July 24, 2009

"You're right."

I've been hearing those words from my wife a lot lately since she has started playing WoW. The funny thing though she is very stubborn about everything I tell her. She resists my advice most of the time and tries to counter with her own arguments. I try not to force my advice on her or tell her "ur doin it wrong", instead I try to put my ideas in such a way that I don't come off judgmental.

Being married this is a trick every guy needs to pick up and master. Anyway despite the fact that she will beat me if she reads this I'm going to post my top 5 instances of "You're right" since my wife has started playing WoW.

  1. Getting the level 30 mount! Shortly before hitting 30 I was telling my wife that things will get a lot easier with the mount because you don't have to run everywhere. She told me that she liked walking everywhere and didn't need a mount because walking was fine. It wasn't long after hitting 30 that she admitted that having a mount was sooo much better then walking and she didn't know how she traveled without one.

  2. AoE is fun! This took awhile to sink in. Once I got her to hotkey rain of fire though she was looking for things to AoE and we did quite a bit of leveling with my warrior and her warlock.

  3. Epic mounts are too fast! Yes she actually told me this when she first got her dreadsteed. Once she got out of the city and into the country side with no lag she quickly understand why I was pushing for her to get it. Her DK is speced unholy specifically for the On a Pale Horse talent.

  4. Fireball does more damage. She has been leveling a mage lately and was complaining that she was having to eat after every fight. I asked her what spell she was using and she said Fireball because... well it does more damage. I told her to put what talent points she had into frost and start spamming frostbolt. I'll let you guess what she said after that.

  5. I like my cast sequence. My wife plays a destruction warlock and for the longest time I could not find the glyph of Conflagate on the auction house. When I did finally find it I told her she should lead off with immolate then conflag, followed by chaos bolt and incinerate. She had been using immolate, chaos bolt, incinerate and conflag when immolate was about to expire... which was fine without the glyph. Once she got the new rotation down she was so excited! She had been having trouble pulling aggro off her voidwalker and the daze effect following conflag along with the haste meant she could kill things before they got to her.


Sid said...

Nice post. The comment about the mounts and frostbolt were sooo true!

AFAIK, women never say "you're right" to a man (specifically wives) so I'm sure you're pretty satisfied lol!

Fall Out Mommy said...

I never said you were wrong about fireball vs. frostbolt... I merely told you what I had been doing..and when u said to use frostbolt..i started using it! The other stuff is all true though... and yes, on my DK I have On a Pale Horse maxed out..and I still think the Archerus Deathcharger could still probably go a little faster... Just wait until I get epic flying on my 'lock... zooming around Northrend!