Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ooooo pretty

I'm not the greatest at taking screenshots in the world. This weekend though I finally saw something I've been looking forward too since I saw the release video for Ulduar. The train. When I saw the moving train in the video I knew that I had to see it first hand. Well Sunday saw our first attempts on Mimiron 10 man (after we wiped on the trash a few times) and I got to ride the train!
Our best attempt saw him into the last phase which I was pretty happy about. I have to say right now our biggest problem was getting our tank to survive the Plasma Blasts. Monday night they went back in (wife said no raiding for me QQ) but couldn't get past phase 2. People kept dying to the rockets... they were saying the ground effect wasn't showing up. Anyone else know if that is a typical bug? Anyway.... after the raid on Sunday I rode back and forth on the train a few times and took some pics.
I love the architecture in Ulduar especially like the pic below which is of the ceiling at the end of the platform. Its like all of Ulduar is one giant breathing living machine.So yeah... when you get to the end of the track, the train lifts up and rotates around which is pretty freaking awesome... only no one in our group knew that. We had a few people who were slow getting off the train miss the jump and fall to their deaths. Since the portal there isn't up till you engage Mimiron I volunteered to kill myself "in the name of science" and proceeded to chain lightning mimiron.
After thinking about it though I should have ran around and pushed the button to put him into hardmode... oh well maybe next time!
This last one you can see where the tunnel is kind of broken apart. I jumped off the train to see if the hole was really there... but alas it was just an invisible ground. I didn't die instantly but when I was repositioning I must have triggered something because I fell over dead. Still I thought this view was pretty cool looking.

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