Friday, August 14, 2009

I cursed myself...

Well you've seen me talk about hybrid dps and how I can never go an entire raid without healing once... well now that is all I'm doing... I mentioned Katmandue before, talking about our 25 mans and how there were a few similar people. One of those people was a healer that regularly ran in our 10 man runs. He is a holy priest and a good guy... but the poor guy is playing WoW on a laptop with icepacks under it to keep it cool.

As a result he gets lag spikes and sometimes can't see the fire he is standing in and well... he dies... A LOT. If there was some figure for the person who died the most number of times in our raid... he would be #1 hands down. This wasn't a big deal at all during Naxx and was tolerable during Ulduar, though a number of fights we struggled on for a long time due to healing. The straw that broke the camels back was the new 10 man raid.

We attempted the CoT 10 raid the same day it came out... we wiped a lot but hey, it was a new instance and most people were getting used to mods and what not. For the most part our failing was due to poor coordination. Anyway later in the week we made some serious attempts on it. Ok... lets face it we spent the entire night wiping on it. This was Sunday I believe... Friday night we downed them on 25 man but for some reason on Sunday we just couldn't manage.

It was all too apparent that our problem was healing. I came into the raid on my priest because we are low on healers. Now my priest is from my 10 man Naxx era and is completely geared in ilvl 200 gear and has nothing above or below that. Compared to the holy priest Plus... who has mostly ilvl 226 and nothing under 213. Well... I beat him in healing(and had less overhealing). My priest is also Discipline... and I beat him in healing. Heck on one attempt I nearly solo healed Icehowl but got frozen followed by the wall pound thing and just couldn't keep myself up but Icehowl was down to half health. That proved to be our best attempt and the only other that got to Icehowl... ended by Plus not moving out of the way of the charge.

Needless to say... a lot of us were pretty livid about the whole night. Everyone pretty much decided that Plus had to go... I really feel for raid leaders that tell someone that they are getting replaced. In fact from what I hear he begged for another week to improve and I really feel bad about the whole thing.

Ultimately this means that I'm stuck healing full time on my priest. We pugged 2 healers last night (holy pally and priest) and one shotted the first encounter, and then 4 shotted the second boss. I beat the other holy priest again... which is really weird but the holy pally beat me.

I still feel bad even if the right decision was made.

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