Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You too Mootoo? + Character update

Say hello to Mootoo. Mootoo is my now level 10 Tauren druid. I've created many horde characters before and none have gotten past level 12. I'm hoping this one will be different as I'm playing on a server that my friend Kobeck has joined. His sister plays on that server and he created an Undead Warlock. My wife has also created a horde toon, a hunter. Blood Elf of course.

I'm going to level primarily as Feral but will likely try and get dual specs at 40. Hopefully my experience with the AH will grant me 1k gold by then. He currently has 10g thanks to signing a guild charter.

[Trade:Thunderbluff] Mootoo: Professional Guild Charter signer lf Guild Charters to sign!

With Cataclysm coming in about a year from now (my guess) I figure that this is my chance to see all the horde zones before they all change. This is on Ravenholdt an RpPvP server so will let me level on a pvp server something I've always wanted to do... don't think I will be doing a lot of RP but ya never know.

I like doing character updates because it lets me mark my progress through the game and lets me look back for nostalgia reasons. I try not to do them too often until things have changed significantly. So here is my last update lets see what has changed! As before new changes will be in red.

Durotan Server US

Ardarin - 70 Human Death Knight Blood Tank spec. Mostly to prove that you don't need to be "Frost Spec" to tank. Dead. This toon was deleted to make room for Skylu a lvl 21 priest who will get little play time. Was created to play with my wife but unless I get a drive to level her... you won't hear about her.

Artorin - 72 Night Elf Druid. Feral Druid. I respeced him Resto and since 3.2 came out he has been leveling entirely through PvP. He is now level 74 and with 14.5k hps and 427 resilience is damn near impossible to kill. Even though I'm facing enemies 5 levels higher then me I can only be killed by 2-3 targets if not more. AV seems to give the most xp and even with the level 80's I'm consistently at the top 3 in healing if not first.

Arravis - 80 Night Elf Hunter. Marksman Well with the trial of the champion I've picked up a few pieces of gear to replace what blues I had in addition to the new gun. My Zuldrak wolf also hit level 80 and has been renamed Marrus (who is the MT of our raids nothing like messing with peoples addons)

Gandreolf - 80 Human Mage. Arcane Spec Has actually become my pseudo raiding main at the moment. He has been through all the new Trial of the Crusader 10 man fights and has also gained Dual Spec and is Arcane/TtW fire.

Jadedfury - 71 Human Rogue. Combat Spec Not much has changed other then being 73 now... this is the toon I really want to be level 80 but for some reason have a hard time playing.

Lanora - 80 Draenei Priest. Holy Spec So yeah... back to Disc spec again and has seen some raid action due to having our tolerance for sucky healers reach its max. We have been lucky on healers in the next few weeks, however, so she hasn't gotten to raid since the second week ToC 10 was out.

Llina - 80 Human Paladin. Protection Spec Yep... still Protection... not much has changed except for some Naxx 10 raiding here and there... I swear that place will never drop tier gear any of my characters need... Ok so... literally nothing has changed since this last update... other then I ran H ToC 5 man twice and a Drak tharon heroic once....

Saravid - 80 Draenei Shaman. Elemental Main / Enhancement Secondary. So... my shaman hasn't seen much love lately. I haven't been farming heroics or running ToC because she doesn't need anything. Also because of group makeup lately my mage has been in a better place for dps.

Skillet - 34 Gnome Warlock. Affliction Spec Um so ya... this toon is lvl 69 atm. We used RaF grant a level to get her to 60 and then I caught up to my wife's DK to play with her. Slowly leveling to 70 but enjoying the end bracket pvp while I can.

Skyru - 75 Draenei Warrior. Protection Main / Arms Secondary Well I've posted that this toon has since hit 80. I really love playing my warrior but our raid leader won't let me tank till I grow up. Well he is sitting at 30k hps and 50% something avoidance as well as being hit capped and expertise capped. Maybe I can convince them to let me into Uld 10 tonight!

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