Friday, August 28, 2009

Ode to Min Maxing

I love min maxing. I love playing a character at the peak of its performance. I love adapting to different fights. What is bringing about all this love? Why dual specs of course!

Well yes I've talked about my shaman before and how I dislike resto as an offspec. I could even bring up my druid who I respeced almost daily during BC... but this isn't about Hybrids!

This is about dual spec on my mage. I love it. Totally. What? Pointless you say? Waste of money?

No my mage isn't speced dps/tank or dps/heal or dps/pvp. My mage is speced arcane and fire PvE raid spec dps. I do this because it gives me a choice. It gives me the chance to tune my spec around the fights at hand.

Now yes Fire typically comes out on top when it comes to most fights. But there are several fights where arcane comes out on top and this will be even more true once 3.2.2 comes out.

Arcane is better for movement fights and fights that required controlled burst damage. I also use it on fights that I can abuse Shield procs for Incanters Absorption.

I'll use Arcane on fights like XT reg, Ignis (Flame Jets and breaking golems with Abarr), Iron Council (Spell stealing runemaster shields and standing in deathrunes mmmmmm) Thorim and Faction Champions.

Fire I use on pretty much everything else. I really prefer arcane over fire but I can't stand being a liability in raids because my spec suffers on certain fights. So instead I get the best of both worlds.

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Sid said...

I don't have a mage, but that definitely sounds cool. And very well thought.

Though if I played a pure dps class it would be probably pve/pvp dual-specced.